Business finance lifecycle coverage

Business finance lifecycle coverage

Dedicated building blocks for leasing, factoring, supply chain finance and asset based management – just because business finance can be diverse, it should not be complex.

Our solution covers all stages of business finance credit concession and client management, including scoring & risk management as well as collections.

Seamless ecosystem integration

Orientated business architecture assures flawless integration with existing process, systems, stakeholders and supporting teams.

Smart deployment

Accelerates change and delivery of business results with just 4 months of time-to-market in business finance modules.

Modular approach allows for flexible installation, configuration and upgrading, minimizes legacy risks and leverages existing assets, reducing business risk.

Perfectly fits to any organization

The tailored business finance management solution for financial institutions is highly customizable and compatible across multiple platforms, creating a matchless personal and business context oriented experience.

Establishing a dynamic for continuous engagement and uncomplicated process enhancement.


Proactive business approach

Prescriptive analytics for each situation, client and user assure that the financial institution can act in advance, taking control and helping the clients, making things happen in the most efficient way.