A new approach to business finance lifecycle.

Business finance. Scoring and risk management. Collections.     
3 faces of the same coin in just one ecosystem.

Because business finance is part of a broader challenge to successfully manage clients in different lifecycle stages and evolving relationships, we developed a modular solution that allows financial institutions to seamless manage the full credit product lifecycle.

From price to assured return.

Business finance software deployment is typically usually associated with high initial investment fees. Not this one. We want to be hassle free. That’s why we can design the solution pricing to embed shared business risk and leveraging opportunities.

With our flexible pricing solutions, we win when you win. And you will. As simples as that.

Much more than just software.

We are able to proactively advise in each phase of the financing process to maximize short-term return opportunities without compromising clients’ long term value, especially when difficulties arise and credits are due.

We believe in meaningful and responsible credit concession and sustainable development of both financial institutions’ clients and employees.

Technology you can rely on. For now and for tomorrow.